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Writer's Block: Teenage dream

If you arrived at your front door and saw your first love standing there, what would you do or say?

I never would've guessed that you'd turn out to be a porn star.

[fic] Better Together

Title: Better Together
author: takteng_kamote
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Se7en-Park HanByul
Word count: 4,128
Status: One-shot
Summary: Snippets of Se7en and Park HanByul’s relationship thru out the years and the everyday events that led them to where they are today.
Disclaimer: I don’t own this beautiful couple.

A/N: Because they say that the true test for a writer is her ability to write even about something which she does not like. This is my attempt at that test. I’m not sure if I passed. I haven’t written for so long and I haven’t written about Se7en since forever so I don’t know how rusty I am. I love writing about Se7en, him being my number 1 kpop bias and all. There’s a certain level of ease when I describe him in fics and when I write narration about him. But this is kinda different…so I don’t really know how this will go. But nevertheless, I’m posting this because I really wanted to write something for Se7en’s comeback.

Choi DongWook…as seen thru the eyes of the one who loves him the most.Collapse )

Cus at the end of the movie, Jang GeunSuk's smirk says it all: HE DID IT.

Or not.

Basta, naguluhan ako cus it's like Pulp Fiction or Olivier Olivier or basta, those movies whose endings don't really give a solid conclusion...maybe because it's the intent of the filmmaker or in the case of this film, maybe because there is none yet.

So I did some diggin on the net (sadly, this case has no wikipedia page) and here's what I found out (along with my random thoughts about the subject):

- First off, their names are not Pearson and AJ. It's actually Arthur Patterson (it's not realy mentioned in the articles if he really is half-Mexican, half-Korean. What's known is that he is a dependent of a US Forces Korea servicemen.) and Eddie Lee. As shown in the movie, Eddie Lee's sentence was eventually overturned by the supreme court while Patterson was given a pardon thru the annual liberation day amnesty and later fled out of Korea.

- Last 2006, the family of the murdered college student Cho Ching-Pil won $34,000 in stellement form the Korean goverment for allowing one of the suspects to return to the US. '

- The case was reopened last December 23 and there have been efforts to extradite Patterson, who is now 32, but accdg to reports this is more like the Korean govt trying to save face because the movie showed just how the government mishandled the case. And people aren't really optimistic about this because the 15-yr statute of limitations is coming near. (If you've watched Ryuusei no Kizuna, you should be familiar about this.) Plus, even if the movie did generate renewed interest for the case, it's not like they have no evidence to really pin down the suspects.

- As also shown in the movie, the motive for the killing really was "just for run". And the style is similar to that of US youth gangs (at one point in the movie they reveal that Pearson has a gang tattoo on his hand.)

- On the articles that I've read, it seems that at the time, the public opinion really was that Patterson did it. And even if he didn't, ONE OF THEM DID IT. So it's just inceredelous that none of them are paying for their crime.

- Itaewon is a district near the US bases in Korea that's why they have a lot of clubs and bars there where most foreigners hang out. In 2001, there was another murder comitted in the are involving American student Jamie Penich but even though they were able to apprehend a suspect, a fellow American student, a not guilty verdict was handed down so the case also remains unsloved this day.

- While watching the movie, I realized that US nationals suspected of crimes and getting special treament isn't exclusive to the Philippines. (Where the hell is Jason Ivler now?) It's sad and appalling that justice is sacrficed for diplomatic relations (and whatever political and economic benefits the "weaker" country gets out of it.)

- Oh, and of course I just have to say this, I agree that Jang GeunSuk did reeeeeeally well in this movie. Although his English pronounciation may not have been perfect (there were times that I still looked at the subs), it was still 120% better than most Korean actors. (Although I think a younger Eric Mun would've been better for the job. I mean, he did look kinda Mexican for one of Shinhwa's last MVs.)

- It's really apalling that such a brutal act can be done simply out of a very random reason...for fun, for showing off to you peers. And none of the suspects showed remprse for it And their friends were even willing to cover it up (or they were just afraid of telling the truth?) That's what really disturbed me about this story.

I wanna ziggzigazigziga zigazigazigah!

Takte! Ang adik na namn ni Takuya!XD wala ng nagawa si Victoria Beckham kundi manood na lang! XD

Obligatory "state of my New Year" post


Feeling: sleepy slash dizzy, constipated, tired, curious
Wearing: statement tee "unknown" & pink penguin shorts
Wishing: to go to Etude House sooooon!
Missing: my childhod, school (as in physically...like the old corridors of ICAM, the smell of freshly cut grass as I run from Gate 3 to SEC Building for my 730am Philo class...), 90s alterna-rock, my lola
Thinking: about the year gone past, having to let go, willing myself to care less
Wondering: what lies ahead for the year..if i can finally achieve the goals i want for my career
Raving About: tumblr (and all those "fuckyeahs..."), Hilcrhyme, JE 2009 Countdown, soy milk (and it's just at P10 a bottle!)
Ranting About: kpop fangirls, selfush fangirls, narrow-minded fangirls, inconsiderate neighbors, that Manny Villar song stuck in my head
Fangirling/Drooling Over: Ajoo (who just suddenly pooped out of nowhere), Etude House, Hilcrhyme, MatsuKen, Junpei Mizobata (even if he just appeared for like 5 minutes in Halfway), cookies with Royal frosting, Sarah Dessen & Anne Rice
Thankful For: the new year, friends, my pet cat
Planning: to go to school again (Language classes @ Ateneo?), out of the country trip, a career change?
Looking Forward To: short term — watching Shake, Rattle & Roll tmrw (you need babaw things to make you happy every now & then), Dec fics rec @ Miracle; Hyunah's solo single; a new Se7en album, ep13 of Autmun Concerto, 2010 jdos;
long term - more post-college schooling, luuurve, travel...putting up my own business
Dreading: more global warming, death (which I think of everyday. I know, it's crazy.)
Wanting: a pink DS Lite
Hoping: for clean, honest elections where Erap will not win.

My Top 9s for 2009: In Literature

My Top 9s for 2009: In Literature

The movies/books/tv shows/albums that I’ve listed here may not have necessarily been released within 2009. I’m merely referring to the stuff that I watched/listened to/read within the past year.

(posting this in parts...the movies, tv and music stuff will be ina separate post.)


Things to look forward to in 2010:Collapse )


Currently DLing Halfway (yey!yey!yey!)

....also on my list:

Masaki Okada's Honakaa Boy

Junpei Mizobata's Dive (yung totoo!)
http://www.torrentdownloads.net/torrent/1650677656/Dive-%3F%3F%3F%3F+8848x476+Xvid+RAW (kaso la ata subs yan T_T)

Kizumono (kamuka kc ni Shota yung isang guy)

Kimi ni Shika Kikoenai (Only you can Hear Me)

1. a 2pm fan or 2. has never seen last year's Gayo. This year's so boring omg. Disappointed."

IA on #1. Not saying that the 2pm didn't do well or that they weren't entertaining (except for that Dru Hill number. Even Khun's face was saying how bad it was.), but seeing that I'm not as much of a 2pm fan as I was before, I can see how much i'm not so spazzy over the fact that it was a 2PM show + guests. Uhm, there wasn't anything epic for me here. But I wouldn't say it was boring cus I got entertained over some of the numbers but I mean, the boyband-girlband switch has been done hundreds of times before (though I still loooooved bitch!key's fierceness on Muzik), the MJ thing has been done since Rain/Se7en/hyori's time, the freakin "Gee Pajama Remix" wan't really a remix...just the girls performing Gee while wearing pajamas =/.

I did like the B2st-Mblaq face off though i kinda felt it was short. And that's saying something becus I'm not an Mblaq fan, never ever seen them perform before. It's just nice for me to see that there will be next gen boybands in kpop in case the big 3 really gets screwed anytime soon =/.

as for reason #2...I can't really answer that one becus i'm not really sure what happened with last yr's show and I think the poster was referring to TVXQ  epicness last yr? So I guess it boils down to biases. Cus I dunno, if Se7en suddenly showed up this year i'm sure i'd be all "OMGGGGG THIS SHOW IS THE BEST EVAAAARRRRRR!!!!" even if all the othe rperfs were crap.

But yeah, I agree with the non-2pm fans minority.

And the fact that i was most "entertained" during JYP's Whoomp There It Is number, just goes to show my level of interest XD

Now waiting for the JE New Year's Eve countdown...who's hosting ba? Arashi na naman?

Reposting my comment from LJ:

THIS. I don't wanna pull the age thing here but I kinda feel that those who are already working full time jobs would have a bit more understanding of all these contract issues in general vs...i dunno, younger fans? Sure, they're celebs and because we watch reality shows of them professing unending brotherhood and friendship with each other, it doesn't mean that there will never come a time when someone will want something else for his life and his career.

Just like in any other company (and I'm talking about jobs in general, not just those in the field of entertainment) there will be employees who will be loyal to the compoany and there will be employees who may want to seek out better jobs, for personal or career reasons or whatever, but the fact is, it happens. And it's also perfectly understandable if your co-workers will feel betrayed especially if you all started at that company at the same time (removed sentence that's related to my own working experience---mahirap na.) I just feel that if fans looked at it from that POV, then they'd be more understanding of both the artist's side and SME's side.

And one last thing, again, using the "analogy" of a normal job in a normal company, the things that you wanted out of your life when you start your career at age 20 may not necessarily be the things that you want when you turn 25...or 33 or 40. So even if Hankyung did sign his contract back then fully agreeing to whatever terms were there, now that he's older and wants other things, be it personally or career-wise, then he would of course demand for SME to let him do whtever those things are that his current contract is prohibiting him from doing.

But again, i'm not being blind to the fact that he's a celebrity and such all these things are much more complicated than any other "normal job", but my point is, it's his career and it's his life. And on SME's side, a business is a business.

Sorry, long post is long.


To add to that, (and this is more on the fangirly side), someone who donates $3M to charity is NOT greedy. I believe there are personal reasons why he's doing this and as a fan I'll just have to 13ELIEVE that this will all be okay oneday...someday...whenever.


shit. I'm a major HanChul fan! Of course i'm devastated! and IF this doesn;t get resolved....what will happen to my beloved Mimi and Henli!?!? T_T (some are saying that since Suju's practically a 10-member group now, HenMi can just be added to the main group now. Ohhhh Vancoucer, I can only imagine the wrath of OA fans....tsk tsk.)


JunJun, amuse me!!!

nooo mj Pictures, Images and Photos

CD-R King is the word f*ckin' store ever

Dammit, those are 45minutes of my precious life that i can never get back. Minutes i could've spent discovering the solution to global warming, lasting world peace and world hunger. whenever i'm in there, i can literally feel the minutes of my life ticking by. why are there no other stores that sell cheap CDs?! with the profit that they're making, you'd think they'd be able to up their customer service. but noooooh. It's so obvious with the faces of CD-R king employees that they'd rather be elsewhere....like it's such a f*ckin' pain for them to sell you those cheap IT peripherals. well, i don't expect you to like your job but can't you at least fake it when you're in front of a customer? uggghh! kung hindi ko lang kelangang maburn yung sandamakmak na JE downloads sa laptop ko! >_< why does buying blanks DVDs have to be such a goddamn painful task?!